How I Turned My Farmhouse Porch into a Mini Retreat

Mini Retreat on a Farmhouse Porch

Summer is my favorite season of the year and I relish sitting on our front porch enjoying the gentle breezes and listening to the birds sing.  We have huge trees surrounding our home so the porch stays fairly cool and pleasant ... unless it reaches a sweltering 90 degrees with buckets of humidity. This week I'm joining a group of other bloggers to bring you the "Elements of Summer" tour and I thought it'd be a perfect time to share how I turned … [Read more...]

Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540

Farmhouse Dining Room and White Ironstone

Nothing tugs on my heart strings like a charming farmhouse that exudes beauty through its simplicity. It is, and will always be, my favorite type of house. Utilitarian in nature for the type of life the farmer leads, you won't find fancy and elegant things. But what you will find is a peaceful beauty in everyday elements that are both functional and appealing. With great excitement I bring you Farmhouse 5540 ... perhaps the best example of a … [Read more...]

Charming Shabby Chic Farm House ~ Heaven’s Walk


If you love farm houses as much as me, then you are going to LOVE today's featured home, which is the second feature in my new Charming Home Series! And if you love the shabby chic style, you'll love it even more! Laurie at Heaven's Walk has the most romantic and charming farm house I believe I've ever seen. She has a gift for adding soft, romantic details to every room. But why believe me?  Come see for yourself ... Laurie's front porch is a … [Read more...]

Spring Decorating in a Farmhouse Dining Nook

Spring decorating in a farmhouse dining nook

Snow, snow, go away! I'm trying to push away winter by adding bits of spring decorating throughout our home, and I went all out in our farmhouse kitchen nook. This week I'm joining some beautiful bloggers in the Seasons of Home Spring Tour ... aka "Blooming with Color." The weekly schedule is at the end of the post, so be sure to visit their pretty blogs for spring decorating and recipes. When I think of spring color, I think pastels … [Read more...]

Finding The Heart of the Home

Farmhouse Kitchen Sideboard

You've probably heard the old adage, "The kitchen is the heart of the home," but I don't think this necessarily applies to everyone. We all have our "heart of the home" ... that thing or elements that makes our home a cozy refuge from the world. This week I'm joining a few blogging buddies as we share how we pour our hearts into our home. For me, that means breathing beauty and soul into my living spaces ... filling my home with things I … [Read more...]

It’s a Farmhouse Christmas!

Farmhouse Christmas at Town and Country Living

Christmas is just two weeks away and I haven't bought a single present yet. Not a one! But my country farmhouse is pretty much ready to go for the holidays! I've been busy decorating and today I'm honored to be on a Farmhouse Christmas tour with 8 other lovely bloggers. You can see all 9 homes today! The links to their blogs are at the bottom of this post. But since you're here ... let me share my Farmhouse Christmas tour with you before you … [Read more...]

My Farmhouse Porch is Anxious for Spring

Farmhouse Porch

A light snow is falling today and my soul yearns for spring.  I miss the smell of fresh dirt and newly mowed lawns. I want to see green leaves sprouting on the trees and colorful pops of flowers in the garden. Hubby and I have deemed this summer as the season of working on the outside of the house. We plan to paint the exterior and add some new landscaping ... maybe install a new patio too. But the weather has to warm up first. Yesterday hovered … [Read more...]

Spring Tiptoes through the Living Room

Living Room

While we were getting 10 inches of snow outside, I was fluffing the living room with a few touches of spring. The longer days are cheering my spirits despite the fact that Old Man Winter is hangin' on for dear life. I brought in a few greens and changed the arrangement on the shelf above the loveseat. Look closely and you'll see our precious Puddy lurking in the dining room. He's our rescue kitty and he's been such a good little boy. We found … [Read more...]

Embracing the Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Items

When I think of farmhouse kitchens, I think of my grandmother and also Aunt Bee from the Andy Griffith Show. Remember the episode when Aunt Bee and Clara entered the pickle contest and Aunt Bee's pickles tasted like kerosene? Just like Aunt Bee's kitchen, my grandmother's was simple yet comfortable. It's where all the important conversations of the day took place. Her kitchen was truly the heart of her home, which is the same characteristic I try … [Read more...]

My Experience Being Published in an Italian Decor Magazine

Shabby Chic Magazine

Less than 2 months ago I received an email from Annarita Triarico, an Italian journalist working for Lotus Publishing. She wanted to feature my home in one of their magazines, "Gli Speciali di Casa Chic."  At first I thought it was a joke, but I looked at their publishing site and realized it was a legitimate request. Unfortunately, this magazine is not for sale in the United States, but I'll receive several hard copies of my own. As you'll see … [Read more...]

Turning an Awkward Space into Something Useful


If there's one thing I wish my old farmhouse had, it's a designated foyer. When you open the front door you immediately step into the living room. No transitional space to hang your coat and purse before entering the rest of the home.  So I've had to figure out a way to create an entry of sorts ... an area that's not part of the general seating and conversational area in the living room. I've rearranged our living room a gazillion times and I'm … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Quirky Living Room

Living Room

Ever since we moved into our circa 1875 house sixteen years ago, I've struggled with the living room. It's somewhat long and narrow and has a lot of doorways in it. It's stuck in the center of the floor plan so you really have to think about traffic patterns in this room. The living room is joined to the family room on the left, with a door to the laundry room on the right. To get from any room to the staircase, you have to walk through the … [Read more...]

Fixing the Cabinet that the Cat Broke

Farmhouse Hutch

You may remember my post about stenciling the glass china cabinet doors. Fortunately or unfortunately, a cat hurled itself at the glass door (obviously something freaked him out) and the glass on one of the doors broke. Now mind you, I didn't see this happen but I heard a crash in the dining room and when I came in, there he was looking all guilty. Rather than get too upset (it's just a cabinet, after all) I used it as an opportunity to do … [Read more...]