Beautiful Wood Flooring Options

Seashell Flooring from GoHaus

A house is a very personal thing. It's where we build memories and it's often a respite from the world. Many of us try to create both comfortable and beautiful surroundings in our home, to help us relax and lift our spirits. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to colors and finishes in our homes. One of my must-haves is beautiful wood flooring. In the 80s I liked lighter wood floors, but today I prefer darker shades. In … [Read more...]

Industrial Chic Model Home

Industrial Chic Kitchen

Do you like to walk through model homes or visit open houses?  I do but I'm not really sure why. Does it stem from youth when I played house all the time as a little girl? I've just always had a fascination with houses, from their layouts to the way they're decorated. I never tire of looking at houses. When I was in high school I used to draw floor plans of houses I would design. I thought about being an architect at one time. Anywho ... this … [Read more...]

Fall Decor in My Farmhouse Kitchen

Fall Decor in My Farmhouse Kitchen

It's late August and I'm no where near ready to usher in Fall, but I do love mums and autumn flowers so I had to bring just a few touches of Fall decor into my farmhouse kitchen. I love late summer as it transitions into the next season. Our vegetable garden is ready to harvest and I'll be spending plenty of time in the kitchen canning tomatoes, so I might as well make the space pretty! Although the days have started to shorten, there's … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Dimples and Tangles

Traditional Entry Way

Sunday is my favorite blogging day of the week because I get to feature the beautiful homes of my fellow bloggers. Since so many of you tell me you love these tours, I plan to keep doing them for a while. Today's charming home tour is filled with oodles of style and strategic accents of color. Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles artfully brings traditional flair to her pretty house. A sunburst window over the front door sheds light into … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids ~ Book Giveaway!

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids

Do you like mason jars? You know ... for crafting, canning, arranging flowers in? I'm guessing that if you read my blog regularly, you're a mason jar lover like me!  Today I'm super excited to give away a copy of the Mason Jar Crafts for Kids book on my blog because it's authored by friend and fellow blogger, Linda Braden from It All Started with Paint!! This book is chock-full of colorful mason jar crafts you can make with kids or on your … [Read more...]

10 Living Rooms to Love

Living Rooms to Love. See all 10!

According to the dictionary, a living room is a room in the house used by family for leisure activities or entertaining guests. But growing up, our living room was a formal area where we weren't allowed to go. The only time I remember using that room at all was on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Today, with more homes embracing open concept floor plans, living rooms and family rooms have merged into one big room. Regardless of which room in your … [Read more...]

Whitewashed Farmhouse Cabinet

Whitewashed Farmhouse Cabinet

Over the years I find that I'm getting pickier when it comes to scouring our local flea market. I'm not really sure why that is, but our monthly jaunt to the market is resulting in me spending less money ... which is a good thing. But during a recent treasure hunting episode, a dark farmhouse cabinet caught my eye that I knew I could transform a bit. This little farmhouse cabinet used to be a very dark gray until I gave it a coat of … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Life on Virginia Street

Neutral Colors in Traditional Living Room

Kids are returning back to school this month and I see lots of moms at the stores stocking up on school supplies. There's always a bit of chaos when schedules change from the lazy days of summer to the focused days of Fall. Seems like when the weather gets cooler it's easier to get back into our "nesting" instinct. To inspire you with your decor, I have the honor of sharing the very charming home of Sarah over at Life on Virginia … [Read more...]

How to Grow Air Plants

How to Grow Air Plants

Are you looking for an easy-to-grow plant because your thumb is ... well ... not so green? Look no further! Air plants are the easiest green thing to grow and require very little care. Also known as Tillandsia, they do not thrive on air alone. You'll need to water them from time to time. I love these plants. They're graceful and exotic and look pretty anywhere you place them.   Some are soft and green like this one. Others are silver … [Read more...]

Stained Glass ~ A Growing Trend

Stained Glass Front Door

The art of stained glass is rising in popularity and it's not hard to see why. Beautiful colored glass is held together by lead to create amazing pieces of art for the home. Studios are popping up across the country and in Ohio alone, the number has risen from just a handful 20 years ago to over 100 today. The art of stained glass initially took off in Europe during the 12th century, while the movement began in America when William Jay Bolton … [Read more...]

Vintage Desk Vignette

Vintage Desk Vignette

Last weekend I worked with my daughter on her new home office area, which motivated me to create a vintage desk vignette in my own home. Since school starts for a lot of kids this month, I decided to haul out my vintage penmanship poster to start things off! I love my penmanship poster and it was such a steal! The last time I featured it on my blog was at my Christmas home tour.   My painted wall shutters provide the perfect … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ The American Foursquare


The American Foursquare house was a popular mail-order home from the mid 1890s to the mid 30s and was a reaction to the ornate Victorian period. The foursquare home incorporated elements of Prairie or Craftsman style. Today's charming home tour showcases a beautiful American Foursquare called the Park Hill House. Traditional Porch by New York Architects & Building Designers Gary Brewer Robert A.M. Stern Architects Green rattan porch … [Read more...]

Country Style Decorating

Country Style Decorating with Flea Market Finds

When I was first married, I decorated our little rental home with Asian influences. I loved ginger jars, oriental paintings, and black lacquered furniture. My sister on the other hand, was decorating in country style and the more she talked about it, the more I was drawn to it, too. Country style decorating has evolved over the years (just look at past covers of old Country Living magazines) and encompasses a wide range of influences ... from … [Read more...]