Elements of Craftsman Style

Craftsman Style Kitchen

The first home I ever purchased was an incredibly cute craftsman style Sears catalog home. Back in the early 19th century you could order an entire home out of the catalog and the components were delivered to your lot for someone to piece together.  I clearly remember the day the realtor took us to see the house. I took one step inside, saw all the natural woodwork and built-ins and said, "this is it!" We wrote an offer and a few days later the … [Read more...]

Butterfly Garland with Free Printable

Paper Butterfly Garland with Free Printable

Warmer breezes are blowing and I can hear the songs of birds and the laughter of children flowing in through the open windows. How I love this time of year! Hubby and I took a long walk yesterday and he claimed that spring is his favorite season. When we got home I decided to bring a little springtime freshness indoors by creating a pretty butterfly garland.  You'll find the butterfly template at the end of this post to download and create your … [Read more...]

How I Rejuvenate with a Little “Me Time”

Milk and Milano Cookies

Recently, I returned from a huge social media conference in San Diego that I attended for work. It was my first trip to America's Finest City and it's gorgeous! I took walks at the end of the day to unwind and process everything I learned that day. Social media is always changing and it's sometimes a lot to keep up with, but it's a big part of my job and I need to stay on top of it. When I got back home I was feeling a little overwhelmed … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ From My Front Porch to Yours

Living Room Fireplace

It's the first Sunday of May and it's a beautiful one! We're enjoying fabulous weather right now and it's put me in the best of moods. Hubby and I worked in the yard yesterday and will do the same today. But first, I'm happy to share Pamela's charming home at From My Front Porch to Yours. Pamela's living room is simply breathtaking! She and hubby recently added the ceiling beams, enhancing the richness and charm of the room with its French … [Read more...]

10 Paper Flower Crafts

10 DIY Paper Flower Crafts

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share 10 paper flower crafts that you can make and give to mom. Fresh flowers are pretty but they fade, whereas crafted flowers last for years to come! I checked in with some of my fellow bloggers and asked to share some of their tutorials on how to make some of the prettiest paper flowers I've seen. I'm sure you'll find something here that your mom will love. Any of these could also be … [Read more...]

How to Have Fresh Smelling Laundry

Vintage Pillow Cases

When I was a kid I remember watching my grandmother set up her clotheslines and hang the laundry out to dry. Weather permitting, she always hung the bedding out on the line and it was fun walking between the clotheslines with the sheets flapping in the wind. I'd pretend the sheets were the walls of my little fairy house out in the woods, with my grandmother's towering pine trees overhead. And now as a grown-up, I find myself wanting to have fresh … [Read more...]

10 Painted Ladies to Love

10 Painted Ladies to Love

Ever since I developed a keen interest in architecture and old houses, I've had an ongoing love affair with painted ladies ... of the Victorian sort, that is. I love all the details they possess like gingerbread, fish scales, and bulls eye trim. Victorian houses are works of art and when they're painted to show off all their fancy filigrees, they're simply stunning! So it's with great pleasure that I share 10 painted ladies to love! Spring Lake … [Read more...]

Indoor Gardening with Grape Hyacinths

Indoor Gardening with Grape Hyacinths

Spring bulbs are popping up everywhere outside and I love seeing them! But I want to see them inside too, so I bought a few grape hyacinths at the flea market with the intent of planting them indoors for awhile.  I've been picking up more plants lately for the house. Indoor plants help to purify and humidify the air. Plus studies show that plants can increase attentiveness by up to 70%.  And so I did a little indoor gardening with grape … [Read more...]

Painted Furniture in the Bathroom

Painted Bathroom Cabinet in Old White and Provence Blue

When it comes to decorating a room, one thing always leads to another. Always. On a whim a couple weekends ago, I painted my downstairs claw foot bathtub. Once I did that, I no longer liked the color of the cabinets in the room so that led to the next task ... painted furniture. Isn't that the way it always goes? Now I'm thinking the flooring needs an update (I think I'll settle for new rugs for now). After painting my tub Provence blue, my gray … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ The Wood Grain Cottage

Traditional Style Kitchen

Remember that song "Wide Open Spaces" by Dixie Chicks? I love that song and I love big spaces away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and people. I'm an introvert at heart and need room to spread out and breathe a little fresh air. When I saw Shayna's home at The Wood Grain Cottage and all the space she enjoys on her farm, I fell a little bit in love! Shayna's home has an open floor concept, so when you're in her living room, you can also see … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Style Storage Ideas ~ Farmhouse Friday!

Built-in Bead Board Kitchen Cupboard

If you live in an old farmhouse like I do ... you know your number one challenge is storage!  We have one closet in our house. That's it. Just one. So I have to get creative when it comes to storage ideas. And since today is Farmhouse Friday (yay!!), my blogging buddies and I are sharing our farmhouse style storage ideas with you. Let's start in the kitchen. This built-in bead board cabinet is my favorite storage unit in my house! I remember … [Read more...]

12 Inspiring Garden Ideas

Messy flower gardens make an inviting back yard.

Last year hubby and I painted the outside of our house and this year I've vowed to pay more attention to the garden spaces. Perennials need to be divided and moved around, weeds need to be kept under better control, our backyard fence needs to be replaced, and I need to redefine garden beds. I probably won't get to all of it this year but maybe a decent dent can be made. As usual, I turned to Houzz for inspiring garden ideas. Portland Landscape … [Read more...]

DIY Cigar Box Planters

Pansies in a Cigar Box

Over the years I've shared some of my favorite collections with you ... white ironstone, aqua bottles, and vintage books. But I don't think I've ever shared how much I love wooden cigar boxes. Yes ... smelly old cigar boxes! I prefer the more rustic ones and truth be told, I love the smell of a good cigar! With spring in the air I'm itching to get my fingers in the dirt and what better way to get my fix than with DIY cigar box planters? I filled … [Read more...]