DIY Fall Wreath and Free Leaf Printable

DIY Fall Wreath and Free Leaf Template Printable

Today I'm joining a group of amazing bloggers to bring you oodles of Fall decorating projects and each one comes with its own free printable! How great is that? I'm sure you'll find at least one Fall project you'll want to try! My tutorial for all of you is a super easy (I love super easy) DIY Fall Wreath along with a free leaf printable for you to download. This DIY Fall Wreath is such a quick and easy way to add color in your home.   It … [Read more...]

15 Historic Homes in Geneva Illinois

Historic White House in Geneva Illinois

It's been a while since I've shared a walking tour of historic homes but I finally managed to head back to my hometown of Geneva, Illinois to photograph 15 beautiful houses for you to enjoy. Geneva is where I was born and raised and now we live about 10 miles away, so it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from our driveway. A classic white house celebrates summer with hanging ferns and a tiny sailboat in the garden. This house reminds me of similar … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Country Kitty

Country Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Words cannot express my excitement about today's charming home tour! When I think of Country Kitty's dwelling spaces the words enchanting, light-filled, playful, and of course charming all come to mind. Federica was born and raised in Italy and now currently lives in England with her hubby and kitties. I do hope you'll visit her, but be prepared to stay a while. She shares so many pretty things on her blog. I know you're going to fall in love … [Read more...]

Rummage Sale Wooden Tote Gets a Makeover

Fresh Flowers in Painted and Stamped Rummage Sale Wooden Tote

Our little town has a huge festival the weekend before school starts. The whole town along with their friends and families swoop down to attend a 2-hour parade on Friday night. On Saturdays, there are oodles of rummage and yard sales. The local Catholic church has the biggest selection and that's where I found my rummage sale wooden tote to make over. Here's what my rummage sale wooden tote looks like after its makeover. It now wears a coat of … [Read more...]

Collection of Rustic Kitchens

A collection of rustic kitchens

Country style kitchens are popular but most people want modern conveniences in the kitchen. So today I'm sharing a collection of rustic kitchens that give you the best of both worlds! Take a tour of these kitchens I found at Houzz and let me know which one you like the most! Rustic Kitchen by Morrow Kitchen & Bath Designers The Workshops of David T. Smith Painted cupboards pair up with a wood floor and rustic wood ceiling to create a … [Read more...]

Enjoying Coffee with Nestle® Coffee-mate® Creamers

Coffee with Coffee-mate Creamer

Today I'm sharing a special experience with you, along with a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card (instructions on how to enter are given at the end of this post).When I was younger I swore I'd never drink coffee. I hated the taste. Even in college my friends would encourage me to drink coffee to stay awake at night to study. I tried to join in, really I did, dumping loads of sugar and cream into the cup to make it palatable. Ugh … I just … [Read more...]

How to Create Pretty Paper Lanterns

Trio of Decorated Paper Lanterns for a Party or Home Decor

When it comes to decorating for parties or special events, I love using flowers, banners and buntings, and paper lanterns. I had white paper lanterns on hand from Easter and decided to alter them a bit for a unique look. I had seen something similar on a wedding blog and felt inspired to create pretty paper lanterns. (These pictures were taken before we painted our front porch.) I decorated my pretty paper lanterns in turquoise and pink using … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Chateau Chic

Elegant Dining Room at Chateau Chic

What do antique finds and beautiful rugs have in common? You'll find them both in the charming home of Mary Alice at Chateau Chic. Mary Alice's decor has an understated elegance that's quite appealing. Mary Alice has a flair for mixing pretty patterns like you see here in the family room. She also has a knack for choosing beautiful rugs, which you'll see throughout her home. I love her choice of subtle colors. Everything just blends so … [Read more...]

How to Freeze Sweet Corn

How to Freeze Sweet Corn

Driving down the country roads in Illinois, you'll see plenty of roadside farm stands selling sweet corn. In the summer you can smell the scent of corn fields from blocks away. If the wind is blowing just right, I can smell the corn fields from our house. I was inspired by Dawn at Creative Cain Cabin to freeze some corn for the winter months. It's so easy to do ... here's how to freeze sweet corn: My grandmother used to freeze sweet corn all … [Read more...]

My Home Appearing in New Book “Creatively Christmas”

Creatively Christmas, new book by Jennifer Rizzo

I've been holding onto a little secret for many many months and now I'm finally able to share it with all of you! My home is appearing in the new book "Creatively Christmas ~ Inspired Yuletide Decor" by Jennifer Rizzo!! I'll never forget the day last year when I opened an email from Jennifer telling me about her new book deal and asking if she could photograph my house to appear in its holiday pages. Didn't take me long to respond with an … [Read more...]

Decorating with Red ~ Humpdays with Houzz

Bold, beautiful red kitchen cabinets look polished and pretty when paired with black.

Red is an energetic color that represents strength and passion. It can be a tricky color to use in your home, but when done right it's beautiful. If you're not afraid of decorating with red, then you're going to love these photos from Houzz. Let me know which room is your favorite! Traditional Kitchen by Red Lion Kitchen & Bath Designers Keener Kitchen Manufacturing Red kitchen cabinets could be overwhelming, but paired with black it's … [Read more...]

A Nature Walk with the Butterflies

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Clover

Hubby and I don't live in the nicest house in town, but we do live on a quiet street that empties into a winding meadow path leading to the forest preserve. We often take a nature walk on the path into the forest preserve making me feel truly blessed to enjoy such easy access to God's beautiful nature. This past Sunday I grabbed my camera and hubby and I took our familiar walk. I was hoping to snap a few photos of butterflies like this … [Read more...]

How to Can Crushed Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes

August is one of my favorite months because some of my favorite vegetables are in season ... sweet corn, green beans, and tomatoes! We grow our own tomatoes and I buy the rest at the local farm market. Then I get busy preserving them so I can enjoy their full flavor all year long (grocery store veggies aren't quite as good). Today I'm going to share how to can crushed tomatoes so you can try it yourself. It's not as hard as you might … [Read more...]