In Search of the Perfect Kitchen Table

Rustic farmhouse style kitchen table

Hubby and I have been casually searching for the perfect kitchen table. There's nothing really wrong with our current table ... I'd just like something that's not completely painted. Maybe a rustic wood table top with painted legs. I found some inspiration surfing through the pages of Houzz. Rustic Kitchen by Menlo Park Home Builders Markay Johnson Construction This table has a bare looking finish to it, meaning it's not highly varnished and … [Read more...]

Christmas Inspiration from My Blogging Friends

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen

Over the past few years I've noticed I've been turning less and less to decorating magazines and more and more toward my fellow bloggers for decorating ideas.  My blogging friends are truly amazing and they inspire me every day! So I thought it would be fun to share a bit of Christmas inspiration from my blogging friends with you. Hopefully you will find a new blog to follow while you enjoy these examples ... My friend Shannon at AKA Design … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Place Cards

Fall Leaf Place Cards

Thanksgiving is a few days away and that means I get to set a pretty table for the family and cook a fabulous turkey with all the trimmings. This year I've ordered a fresh turkey for my family from Reams Meat Market, which is well known throughout Chicagoland. I decided to customize our Thanksgiving table with DIY Fall place cards. I love using natural elements to decorate because it's inexpensive and pretty. If you don't have any pretty leaves … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Cedar Hill’s City House

French Country Style Living Room with Slipcovered Furniture

This past week I've been up to my eyeballs in Christmas decor, with a goal of getting all the halls decked before Thanksgiving. Why so early? Because the week after Thanksgiving I'm joining a virtual holiday house walk with about 30 other bloggers. But for now, I'm turning an admiring eye toward Anita's city house at Cedar Hill Farmhouse. A few months ago I featured Anita's ranch home, and today you get to tour her city home! True to style, … [Read more...]

Christmas Decor from Thrifty Find

DIY Christmas Decor from Thrifty Find

My sweet friend Alice who blogs at Thoughts from Alice challenged a bunch of bloggers to buy a thrift store find and transform it into Christmas decor.  How could I say no?  I think you're going to be blown away by some of these projects, which you'll find at the end of this post. We were instructed not to spend more than $25 for this project. Can you tell by looking at my snowy project what my thrifty find was?   A cigar box! I bought … [Read more...]

Decorating with Blue

Decorating with blue - beach style dining room

My house is a disaster these days! Boxes of Christmas stuff are stacked in the living room and I feel like everything is in disarray. We recently purchased a new sectional (more on that later) which led to rearranging the family room ... which led to moving stuff around in the living ... which led to rearranging the dining room. I need a little rest and relaxation, so today's post is about decorating with blue. Blue is peaceful and calming and … [Read more...]

Christmas Mantel and Free Printable

Whimsical Christmas Mantel. Free printables available to create the cute, framed prints.

If you like creating your own decor projects you're going to love the collection of free printables compiled by a fantastic group of bloggers! Today I'm sharing my own free printable that I used in a Christmas mantel vignette, and at the end of this post you'll find links to many more printables created by my blogging friends for you to use! Using simple graphics, I created two of these hanging Christmas picture sets. This is such an easy … [Read more...]

How to Brine a Turkey

How to Brine a Turkey. You won't believe the difference, this turkey is super moist!

If you have never brined a turkey, I highly encourage you to try it! I started brining my Thanksgiving turkeys about 3 or 4 years ago and I'll never go back. You'll have a better tasting and moister turkey and your family will love you for it. So just in time for Thanksgiving, I'm here to share with you how to brine a turkey. My son-in-law said that for a vegetarian I sure know how to cook meat. I take that as a huge compliment. Since I can't … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Thoughts from Alice

Rustic Outdoor Dining and Entertaining Area

Today I have a very special charming home tour for you (do I say that every Sunday?). Alice of Thoughts from Alice is someone I'm quite fond of even though we've never met face-to-face. She truly has a sweet, loving spirit and I love her artistic style. I also love her home, which is a circa 1930's house that she and hubby are fixing up. Let's take the tour ... Coming up to the Alice's front door, you're greeted by a charming arch. And I love … [Read more...]

Christmas Decorating Inspiration


Christmas. It's consuming my brain lately and this weekend I'm ready to deck the halls and get it out of my system. I want to do things a little different this year and turned to Houzz for some inspiration. Since I shared my Christmas Mantel on Wednesday this week, I didn't do my normal Humpdays with Houzz post. But there's no reason I can't do it today, right? Traditional Entry by New York Photographers Rikki Snyder I love this charming front … [Read more...]

Vintage Christmas Mantel

Vintage Christmas Mantel with Putz Houses and Bottle Brush Trees

When I think of Christmas, I think of glitter and sparkle ... the way pure white snow sparkles in the sun. I love color at Christmas, including silver and gold. I found some beautiful, blingy holiday pieces to create a vintage Christmas mantel. I'm sharing my holiday mantel today along with some of my blogging friends. Links to their Christmas mantels are at the end of this post. I have always loved these sparkly Putz houses and finally … [Read more...]

Modern Country Table Setting and Giveaway!

Green and White Modern Country Table Setting. #TurkeyDinnerTablescape

At Thanksgiving I typically gravitate toward traditional or farmhouse style table decor, but when Bormioli Rocco Glass Company approached me about creating a tablescape  with their gorgeous Italian dinnerware, I opted for a modern country table setting. And I'm excited to share that they're offering $200 worth of their exquisite tableware to one of my blog readers! Details for entering are at the end of this post. White and green are typical … [Read more...]

I’m Dreaming of a Vintage Christmas

Frosted Fraser Christmas Tree from Balsam Hill

 They say Christmas is for kids, but I still love Christmas. With each passing year I'm drawn more and more to the nostalgia of Christmas past. Memories of childhood Christmases haunt me and I find myself wanting to recreate that magical experience. So it's no surprise that this year I'm dreaming of a vintage Christmas. This year I have a new flocked tree from Balsam Hill and I love it! You'll get to see the fully decorated view during my … [Read more...]