Charming Home Tour ~ Finding Silver Pennies

Country Style Dining Room at Finding Silver Pennies

Today's charming home tour features a blogger near and dear to my heart. I'm happy to feature Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies! Her home has a beautiful and easy coastal style, with Danielle's painted furniture pieces spotted throughout. Danielle is one of the sweetest bloggers I've met and she has a great sense of style. And lucky girl ... she lives near the beach on the east coast! Danielle's home has the perfect east coast Nantucket … [Read more...]

Why I Love Farmhouse Style and a Winner!

Under the eaves farmhouse bedroom with wedding ring quilt.

You may remember from a few weeks ago that I wrote about the chance to win a $350 store credit to Polder's Old World Market to purchase your own set of wooden spoons and chef utensils (winner announced at the end of this post)! Their beautiful hand carved spoons and spurtles possess elements that I love about farmhouse style. There's just something about simple, handmade items for the home that tug at my heart strings. Here's a few more reasons … [Read more...]

A Collection of 10 Dreamy Bedrooms

Cottage style twig bedroom

What is it about a 5-star hotel with its lush, comfy beds that makes us pay hundreds of dollars just to sleep there? The charm of a Bed and Breakfast with its cozy bedrooms also lures us to spend the weekend to relax and unwind. It's the luxury of fine bedding, plump pillows, and a pretty decor that helps us de-stress from the cares of the world. So why not invest a little creativity into our own bedrooms to provide that same 5-star feeling of … [Read more...]

How to Make a Eucalyptus Wreath

How to make a eucalyptus wreath

One of my favorite scents is eucalyptus. For as far as I can remember, I've always had a eucalyptus wreath in my home.  I think they're pretty all on their own and don't need further embellishment. But if you want to add a little color to the greenery, simple flowers or a bow will do the trick. Today I'm sharing how to make a simple eucalyptus wreath. For some reason I always thought wreath-making was too hard. Or rather, I always felt like I … [Read more...]

Vintage Mirrors in My Dining Room

Collection of Vintage Mirrors in My Dining Room

Do you ever collect things you love and find you have no where to put them when you get them home? Yet you keep buying them because you're sure to find a spot for it! Such is the case with me and vintage mirrors.  I especially love crusty old mirrors that have lost some of their silver because in my opinion, they have more character. In order to hang some of the ones that I have laying around, I decided to add to the vintage mirror collection in … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ AKA Design

Cottage style dining room at AKA Design

Neutral home decor doesn't have to be boring and Shannon of AKA Design is a shining example that neutrals can be quite exciting in the home. She artfully mixtures textures and shades to create a beautifully classic, functional, and charming home.  From time to time, she adds a punch of color for fun. I love her cottage style home and her DIY projects are so inspiring.  Ready to take a look? In the living room, Shannon has combined soft couches … [Read more...]

14 Inspiring Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Vignette with Pink Flowers and Fresh Greens

As you read this, I'm still in sunny Cozumel! I actually wrote this post earlier in the week and scheduled it to go live today. Since I knew I'd be busy, I asked some of my blogging buddies to share some of their spring decorating ideas with me so that I could share them with you! To see their complete project, just click on the link under each photo. This is a very talented bunch of women and I'm sure you'll see something you like! Precious DIY … [Read more...]

On My Way to Cozumel Mexico!!

Sunscape Sabor Resort in Cozumel Mexico

I can't believe the day is finally here, but it is!! I am on my way to Cozumel Mexico with my 2 daughters. In fact, this post should be published right about the time our plane takes off from O'Hare airport. I have never been to Mexico so I'm pretty excited. I've been to Jamaica and Haiti and imagine Cozumel will be somewhat similar, although much nicer than Haiti which is pretty poverty stricken. (Photos are from the Sunscape Sabor website … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Create Curb Appeal

10 ways to create curb appeal

In just one month we could see daffodils and tulips springing up in the yard. I can't wait!! I like to get a jump start on gardening by planning now while there's still snow on the ground. A quick look through photos on Houzz has given me landscaping ideas for this summer. Since our house is newly painted, the yard is going to need a little spiffing up, so here's 10 ways to create curb appeal. Let me know which ideas you like best! Landscape by … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Breakfast with Raspberry Stuffed French Toast

Raspberry Stuffed French Toast with Scrambled Eggs

When I was a kid I rarely ate a hot breakfast. Both my parents worked full-time and my brothers and sisters were older than me and always out the door first. My mom would compensate by sometimes cooking pancakes or French toast for dinner. To this day I still don't eat a hot breakfast in the morning, grabbing a banana and yogurt instead. But on occasion hubby and I enjoy a nice farmhouse breakfast at lunch time. My favorite breakfast meal is … [Read more...]

Spring Dining Room in Blue and White

Farmhouse Dining Room dressed for spring in blue and white.

A couple weeks ago my hubby excitedly walked through the door and told me about a new thrift store just 10 minutes from our house. Yes, hubby likes scouring the thrift stores just as much as I do and he was anxious for me to see it. It's a huge store and I found a special treasure which became my inspiration for creating a spring dining room in blue in white. This blue and white damask style fabric caught my eye where all the textiles were … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ White Lace Cottage

Shabby Chic Family Room

One of the first bloggers I ever met was Anne at White Lace Cottage. She lives just north of me and used to sell vintage items at an antique store with several vendors. So one winter's day hubby and I made the trek up there and lucky for me, Anne happened to be there! Her shabby chic style is romantic yet practical and I think you'll find her charming home very pretty and feminine. Anne's family room is comfortable and stylish. Pretty angel … [Read more...]

A Dozen Tempting Chocolate Recipes

12 Tempting Chocolate Recipes

Did you know that about 58 million pounds of chocolate is sold in the US alone during Valentine's week? That's about $345 million dollars worth of chocolate (according to Nielsen research)! And chocolate isn't just a girl thing, either. Men eat almost as much chocolate as women do. To help satisfy your chocolate cravings, I have a round-up of a dozen tempting chocolate recipes for you. Are you ready to get your sweet tooth on?   Aren't … [Read more...]